What is the Duration of a Car Accident Lawsuit?
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What is the Duration of a Car Accident Lawsuit?

What is the Duration of a Car Accident Lawsuit?

What is the Duration of a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Car accidents happen daily and are unfortunately sometimes out of citizen’s control.  Typically car accidents end up with insurance companies fighting over compensation and who is at fault. Insurance companies do not like having to cover accident costs and do not want to overpay victims. Depending on many factors, car accident lawsuits can take a couple of months to several years to settle. 

Factors Determining Length

A Michigan car accident lawyer at Elia and Ponto will be able to easier determine how long your lawsuit may take. However, car accident lawsuits can really vary in length. This variation is caused by different factors going into each case. No case is exactly the same, and some take more effort and time than others. However, Elia and Ponto are willing to spend whatever amount of time is necessary on car accident litigation. They also work diligently for clients seeking help with car accidents. 

How badly the person filing the claim was hurt affects the length of the legal process. If the injury is a long-term ailment, the person filing the claim will want to wait until they are aware of what the full amount of their medical bills will be. This will help them get the right amount of compensation and not have it be understated. Being able to provide medical documentation proving the injuries you suffered is a must in winning a car accident lawsuit. 

After being in a car accident each side will want to argue that they were not at fault for the accident. Whoever was at fault will have to pay the other for the damages of the accident, or their insurance agency will. Either way, both sides do not want to be at fault. A car accident lawsuit can take a while if liability has to be determined. At Elia and Ponto they know that their client has to be less than 50 percent at fault to win their case. In order to determine liability, your car accident lawyer will need a lot of evidence.

 A lack of evidence can lengthen some cases because a car accident lawyer will have a harder time proving what happened. Police reports are a great source of evidence. Some police reports will include witnesses, but if they do not the lawyer will have to contact witnesses. Medical reports can prove injuries and these injuries can help hint at what happened during the wreck. After an accident, especially if you are badly injured you are not thinking about collecting evidence. That is the job of the police officers who arrive on the scene and create the accident report. Elia and Ponto will help accumulate a good amount of evidence to better build your case. This could however prolong your lawsuit. Sometimes, prolonging a lawsuit is not bad so more evidence can come forward.

Elia and Ponto will help you handle any duration of a lawsuit, however, sometimes the timeline is out of anyone’s hands. This is because your court case is not the only case that is occurring. There are many car accidents and traffic violations in Michigan per year. Not only this but the court has many other types of cases per year. Sometimes cases get delayed. Also, in lawsuits, things do not occur right away. A car accident lawsuit will not go to trial the next day. Things are scheduled ahead of time to make sure both parties have enough time to prepare, but also because there are other cases on the agenda. A lawyer at Elia and Ponto would make you aware of this fact.

The length of a lawsuit is irrelevant when you are seeking compensation after being hurt in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence. A lawyer at Elia and Ponto will be honest with you about whether you have a strong case. A strong case means that you will have a higher chance of compensation. They can also try and predict how long your case will take but in all reality, car accident lawyers cannot predict the length of lawsuits. Many things are out of the car accident lawyer’s hands. At the end of the day, after getting compensation the amount of time the lawsuit took will be worthwhile.

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