USA Legal Blog | Victim of Mesothelioma Awarded $325 Million by Johnson & Johnson from New York Jury
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Victim of Mesothelioma Awarded $325 Million by Johnson & Johnson from New York Jury

Victim of Mesothelioma Awarded $325 Million by Johnson & Johnson from New York Jury

Victim of Mesothelioma Awarded $325 Million by Johnson & Johnson from New York Jury

A state jury in New York has arranged Johnson & Johnson cover Donna Olson $300 million in punitive damages. Even though this isn’t the first lawsuit that the firm has faced related to such illness, it’s among the greatest verdicts in three years to be passed down at a string mesothelioma lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson. Not merely did Olson receive payment for punitive damages, but she was also awarded $20 million for pain and discomfort along with the $5 million granted to her husband a couple of days before — bringing her entire award in the situation to $325 million. The few had accused the firm of responsibility for the asbestos-related disease. Talc, after containing asbestos fibers, is known to cause mesothelioma and other severe cancer ailments. Regrettably, Johnson & Johnson often used such dangerous talc due to their baby powder that is iconic.

Johnson & Johnson Faces 14,200 Pending Lawsuits

More than 14,000 suits are filed against Johnson & Johnson with a few of the claims of the plaintiffs originating from malignant mesothelioma diagnoses as well as many others originating from ovarian cancer diagnoses. The two main Problems That are to be determined during every situation are:

  • Whether the contamination of this carcinogenic substance within the Organization’s product was polluted, and
  • Whether or not the firm knew of the issue and took actions to protect customers.

Substantial quantities of evidence presented in the trial demonstrated that asbestos wasn’t only present but the business had inner conversations decades past expressing concern regarding its profits and its own standing as a consequence of asbestos contamination. Also, the discovery which Johnson & Johnson had attempted to influence the U.S.. The Food and Drug Administration on talc-related regulations was introduced with the plaintiff’s lawyer as additional proof. On the other hand, the business has been deny knowledge of asbestos inside goods.

The Awarding of Punitive Damages Represents the Jury’s Indication of a Feeling of Wrongdoing

Though the spokespeople of both Johnson & Johnson continue to indicate that they’re allegedly not responsible for asbestos traces or mesothelioma and have stated they will appeal this verdict (like several other previous verdicts), the agent of Mrs. Olson pointed into the big punitive damages given to the Olson’s from the jury as a sign of their”wanton and reckless” activities of the business.

Since Reuters released a report suggesting that Johnson & Johnson had hidden the existence of asbestos within their powder merchandise, the general public is growing more and more aware and alert to this problem. In 2018, a St. Louis jury awarded $4. 69 billion into 22 girls and their families that maintained asbestos from these talc products due to their ovarian cancer. It’s crucial to remember that both situations, juries discovered the health care company failed to warn users that the probability of cancer was raised by their own talc solutions. Tellingly, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission have issued the Organization’s subpoenas on the problem.

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